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The “Children’s Rights Journal of Rawalpindi Medical University” is a free, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that is uniquely focused on the rights of children through a holistic prism. The Journal is focused on interdisciplinary research that is linked to practical, evidence-based policy solutions for issues around child rights. This journal provides a platform to reflect on various dimensions of child rights, both at the national and international levels. It provides insight into the greater understanding of the rights of the children and their impact on childhood development, families, and societies. It encourages to study of broader aspects of child rights provision and how individual, familial, cultural, and societal factors interplay to create an effect on childhood development. The journal reflects the perspectives of a broad range of disciplines and contributes to a greater understanding of children's rights and their impact on the concept and development of childhood. The journal caters up to date information on all the disciplines relevant to the rights of the children including health, law, psychology, psychiatry, international relations, child development, social work, economics, education, and social anthropology so that it can be useful for diverse professionals, including policymakers, medical practitioners, child rights advocates, social workers, legal practitioners, and educationists. This journal welcomes local as well as broader perspectives on child rights including original research articles, review articles, and statistical reports relevant to child rights.

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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): crJrmu
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Published: 2022-08-02
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